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The young.hope Research Centre in Salzburg conducts research into metabolic diseases as well as nutritional and developmental disorders in children.

What we accomplish here is not a miracle, but the outcome of our untiring research efforts, which point at new ways to mitigate or even solve the health issues of children with complex and rare diseases or illnesses that occur for the first time.

Dr. Saskia Wortmann blickt in ein Mikroskop. Im Hintergrund hantiert Dr. Hans Mayr mit einer Pipette.

Our research centre is part of the University Hospital Salzburg and Paracelsus Medical University.

Based at the University Hospital Salzburg, the young.hope Research Centre for Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine is ideally structured to enable physicians from different disciplines, paediatric subspecialists, geneticists as well as natural scientists to work closely together.

This allows us to keep our immediate focus on patient care.

Ein Mädchen liegt am Teppich, um es herum verschiedenste Spielsachen.

Our credo:

Hope, care,
and healing.

It is not easy to remain hopeful when one’s own child gets sick and the cause of disease is unclear. Unfortunately, a lot of time can pass from the moment when the first symptoms occur until the moment when a therapy is initiated. In our daily work, we experience that research is essential to finding the right diagnosis faster and providing children with an individually tailored therapy.

Some children have even managed to fully make up for the developmental shortcomings caused by their illness. Even in the case of rare or previously undetected diseases, we have succeeded in finding therapies that allow those affected to resume a normal life.


Success stories

Research writes the best stories.

There is widespread prejudice that metabolic diseases and other rare genetic illnesses cannot be cured. This makes it all the more important for us to share our patients’ stories and bring hope and encouragement to those affected. These stories tell about children and adolescents who, despite suffering from severe metabolic diseases, developmental disorders or rare genetic defects, were indeed able to attend school or learn to speak.


No miracles, just collaboration.

Become a member of our team!

We are looking for support in our research institution as well as in the clinical care of children with metabolic diseases or nutritional and developmental disorders.


Job offers

Fünf Ärzte und Ärztinnen legen die Hände übereinander.


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Außenansicht des Uniklinikums Salzburg, wo die Forscher*innen von young.hope arbeiten.

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